Addiction Medicine

Dr. Lionel provides Addiction Medicine services at the following locations:



Ontario Addiction Treatment Centre - Sudbury


The Ontario Addiction Treatment Centre - Sudbury, or OATC, is part of Canadian Addiction Treatment Centres, a group of over 50 addiction medicine physicians providing addiction services in Canada. The Sudbury OATC treats patients in Greater Sudbury and the surrounding areas.


At the Sudbury OATC, Dr. Marks de Chabris works with three other local addicition medicine physicians to provide opioid replacement treatment to patients struggling with opioid addiction (e.g. heroin, hydromorphone, fentanyl).


The clinic is open 365 days of the year and currently serves over 400 patients. There is a full service pharmacy attached to the clinic, and the OATC is proud to have Trauma Therapy groups, called Seeking Safety, on site run by Dr. Teresa Marsh.


Please call OATC at 705-673-1116 for more information, or visit the website at



Rapid Access Addiction Medicine Clinic


The Rapid Access Addiction Medicine Clinic (RAAMC) is co-located at the Withdrawal Management Services (also called the "Detox Centre") of Health Sciences North on Pine Street in Sudbury, Ontario.


The RAAMC provides fast access to patients requesting information, counseling, medication and referral for addiction services. The RAAMC is staffed by addiction medicine doctors every weekday.


Patients are often sent to us from the Emergency Department. Some come over from the Detox Centre. Anyone with an addiction issue may walk in or call to request an appointment.


For more information, or to get an appointment, please call 705-671-7366 or click on the link to visit the website for Withdrawal Management Services.



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